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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to remix it

Pop will eat itself

Riverwalks and Coastalwalks
behind camera

Sunset and random car interruption, Selsey.

As part of the Walking blog been uploading and geotagging some photos new and old from the walks, and linking them with a nifty map on the blog e.g. the map at the end of this post. Photo albums also appear in the main map as I tag them along with the posts.

A scourge of mobile homes

So I've posted pics from the Bosham > Fishbourne walk, the Bognor to Pagham Harbour walk and Reading to Shiplake along the River Thames - two of those are recent walks, but what I call the 'Mud Trilogy' of walks has put me off until the weather - and the ground - is better. Let's just say all that flooding left a lot of mud :-(

A victim of the floods...

'Hisssss...Wanna buy a shopping trolley? Going cheep...'

All this might seem easy, but isn't, interesting how I prefer and have been using Flickr since July 2005 (my 'new' account is 2009, but my original one is 2005) but their geotagging abilities and API functionality is really weak and limited, even as a paid 'Pro' service. Also I never really forgiven them for taking away a lot of functionality with 'New Flickr' being a bit like New Coke was, not as good as the old one and dumbed down. I mean they even hid the RSS and geofeeds for each set? They are there, and you can call them via the API but it's buried in the sourcecode or some page somewhere...whereas Picasa, although being the dreaded Google, has the links on the album page.

Weird how a free service is better than a paid one...and those Keyhole Markup Language links just *work* - the Flickr KML ones refuse to in anything I chuck it at (KML is like GPX aka GPS file eXchange, it's the track/geoposition format that Google Earth uses, it's what the end format of all those map markers and lines in Google Maps is, a way of placing points or images/links on a map. I use GPX another format for GPS track data to geotag my images, and then use Picasa's KML album feed to position them on the map. I'm sure it's over complicating things, and maybe GPX could do this in one but not found that yet - and anyway I'd rather not host all my image galleries, done that in the past and like running your own mailserver or writing your own CMS/website it's a thankless and mundane maintenance task).

You don't need to know all this stuff to make it work, but remarkable in the age of GPS and location, it's still not that easy - there are quite a few incompatibilities, limits like only having X pictures in a geofeed (thanks for that, Flickr), and of course various closed gardens, like Google (all the maps I use can be switched to OpenSourceMap or others, if needed, and I also have a plugin for OS Maps too, which given their age-old reticence and massive license fees of old (I remember clients being quoted hundreds to use a small tile for a location map, and having to redraw them endlessly) but their functionality/stats are limited - I like the distance and altitude bits). It's a lot easier than when I first envisioned this back in the early 00s, when I wanted to do WAP walks (and indeed owned that URL) and all the location data was sewed up by the mobile giants...


I aim to put all the images and walks up on the site - currently have 1 2014 walk to do, and then the rest of 2013. There are quite a lot going back to 2009 for the coastal walks, and 1999 for the River walks - some of those I'm upto twice. Sadly for the pre 2004 pictures they're not all scanned, this was why I pulled out my scanner last year and found it dead, but I'll worry about that when I get to them...I have 10 years of walks to do first! Ultimately I think a book might be good, this is kind of the preparatory for that, I aim at a blog post a week at least. The slowest thing is selecting and editing the pictures...been experimenting with Android app called RawVision that are supposed to rate pictures in a Lightroom 5 compatible format, but they don't seem to work? Being able to flick through and rate/mark pictures on the way back from a walk would be a big help. The writing comes easiest, although I worry about making it sound interesting, and not falling into the usual walking/stat tropes. I'm very much writing for the non-walker, or those who have read the usual...a list of directions in this day and age is not needed or interesting!

Walking The Wrong Way
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A new year, a new blog it seems! I've always meant to do a photography/walking blog, and planned to end of last season. So before I start this one, here's Walking The Wrong Way.

It's got photographs! Maps, tracks and geolocation! Gizmos! Search by location! My silly writing! Etc. It's very fancy....only 3 walks there at the moment, but as I've been doing the Thames ones since 1999 and the coastal ones since 2010 or 2011 or so, there are loads to add...

And yes, I do intend to walk around the UK along the coast. Very. slowly. I've already done much of the Thames...(Henley > Cliffe) and Teynsham > Shoreham and quite a few bits beyond than need linking up along the coast.

EDIT: Just thought some might not get what the Brown Sign logo means, those who've never been to the UK. Well this is what a Brown Sign is.

What's with the dog stuff?
Tim Sideways

NSFW...women read real Grindr, Scruff & Growlr conversations ;-)

Radio Clash - Bottom of the Pops
Radio Clash Podcast from a Pirate Satell

Just a note that the podcasts are still going on - I cooled posting them here since it seemed a little spammy as they get posted on FB, Twitter and the blog...but I think some of you might like this one, it's the third in the far-too-long-ongoing Pop Is Dead series - this one is all about Top of the Pops and all that...Trigger warning: contains DLT and Jimmy Savile ;-)

The Dead Prez and Non-Prophets (Sage Francis's original band) are messages very close to my heart :

"Then one day it all dawned on me yo,
I wasn't down with the mainstream or should I say their team...
Easier said than done
I wasn't down with the mainstream or should I say their team
Gotta find a way
Everything you make is reduced to a bar code
Everyone mistakes, payin' dues is a lost road"

And Dead Prez school Drake - who I called Fake, because he's a complete marketing fabrication, bland, fairly derivative as a rapper and a biter - he stole their lyrics on his track 'Over', lifting parts of their hit 'Hip Hop' so they lifted his beat and go to town:

"I know way too many people here right now
Listening to this mixtape
Like who the fuck are y'all?
I swear feels like the last few years in the mainstream,
Everyone's forgotten about repping the cause,
What are we doing?
What are we doing?
Oh yeah, what about 'let's get free'?
Taking care of family?
This is the song of my life man,
Cos all I know is to be a soldier
For my culture
And it's far from over."

Far better than the terrible fluff Drake put out, even the original. Revolutionary but Gangster, a real message as most of their work is, about the state of hip hop and him. I recommend Dead Prez most highly. Drake never replied to this, btw. I don't think he's got the talent for a beef with someone of Dead Prez's calibre. I don't think he's got the talent to beef with an 8 year old, actually.

Anyway loads of punk and 60's pop in here too, 2013 electro pop and 90's too, a real mixture as usual.

Quack Quack Oops!

  • Cuban Boys – Inertia Kicks (radio edit)

  • Pet Shop Boys – Ego Music

  • Denim – Here Is My Song for Europe

  • Soft Cell – Monoculture (Playgroup Remix)

  • Nick Lowe – Shake and Pop

  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Do Re Me, So Far So Good

  • The Rezillos – Top of the Pops

  • The Kinks – Top Of The Pops

  • Gonzales – Bottom Of The Pops

  • Lupe Fiasco – Dumb It Down (featuring Gemstones & Graham Burris)

  • Non-Prophets – Mainstream 307

  • DJ Drama & Dead prez – Far From Over

  • Cassetteboy – Skoko!

  • Stan Freberg – Sh-Boom

  • National Lampoon – Art Rock Suite

  • 10cc – The Worst Band In The World

  • NoFX – Medio-Core

  • The Divine Comedy – Dumb It Down

  • Akala – Find No Enemy

  • Desmond Dekker – Where Did It Go

  • Susanna & the Magical Orchestra – It’s A Long Way To The Top

Shrinking that bubble
top hat James wedding
pink_halen asked: What Keeps you here writing on LiveJournal? What Prevents you from writing more? I thought this deserved repeating here, as it's something that's going on somewhere else.

What keeps me here? The people, and the feeling other places lack something.

What prevents me writing more? Time, and also a feeling not limited to LJ that I need to limit my online interaction more. Unlike years before where it lead to friendships and good times, it just seems to lead to strangeness and grief, you know?

I feel that the social bubble is shrinking, as it needs to; that feeling that people 'get' who I am and are open to new discussion and won't just get all nasty is getting's still here hence #1, but I'm shrinking my sphere on Twitter and FB for these reasons - that it just seems people want their own bubbles and never to have their thoughts disturbed by pesky things like politics, or dissent. They have this weird entitlement that they want their cognitive biases massaged, and only that. Strangely it's the political ones who are the worst at this...oh well.

I can't leave FB because I use it to stay in contact with John, it was tempting to just say fuck it and go. Twitter is already separated into personal private account and public, I think I'll hide in that shell for a bit, and leave Radio Clash twitter to be the more automated posts and annoucements, as it should be.

What triggered this? Well 2 or 3 people suddenly dropping out of my life (well I pressed eject; but to be honest they were being so rude or just closed minded I felt that was deserved). One called me a troll when I asked his strange stream of consciouness where he seemed to be blaming Britain for the Trans Pacific Partnership (umm, lolwut? Happy to blame Britain for many things, but even John couldn't work out that one...As far as I can work out, as evil as it is, the TPP is a rival to the Eurozone/Schengen. But apparently Britain was the Big Bad For Everything as he's in New Zealand - even when it didn't actually fit, the no paragraph and green ink script was changed to fit.) and another recently on a discussion about Dylan Farrow where I was pointing out that these public things are probably counter-productive (Operation Yewtree, the witch hunts which make me thing it's gay men next, it usually is...) and it was very much a 'she said / he said' case and had been looked into by the police and found lacking - but apparently because I didn't side with the victim 100% I am a defender of rape culture. Repeatedly so. GO ME! I actually hate Woody Allen after Sleeper, and his almost-step-daughter marriage thing squicks even me. But still, apparently guilty without trial in the court of opinions. Funny thing was she was posting a day earlier that good article about not shaming people online, how witchhunts are usually bad without due cause, and even then. So much for, you know, consistency.

The final one was a while ago, I made a comment about some of the people on the frankly odd Have A Gay Day FB group where women say stuff like 'I'm bi and my boyfriend LOVES IT!' where you can not only imagine a ditzy giggle after that, you also start to wonder if they truly are bisexual, or the more popular recent ones of pansexual, and the laughable demisexual Ace category claiming to be somehow queer cos they don't fuck until they fall in love. Right. Anyway, I apparently became biphobic posterchild of the month, or something.

As I said above, unlike the start of the internet where people squabbled and there was DRAMA but there was just one tin can and people had to get on (although I will admit there are people from the BML days I wouldn't piss on even if they were on fire and I had a bursting bladder...), now people bunker themselves off...which is why I refused for a long time to do same. It seemed alien to shut myself off, but when supposedly sane political people (the ones I mentioned, 2 of the 3 are LGBTQ activist types) are playing really odd fucked up games, well then I feel I can take my toys back.

Still gonna tweet and post, but I think in a more private fashion (yeah I know I said that last time, LOL) but I've already had a big cull of 'friends' over at FB and Twitter...many mashup people and people who just don't really interact anymore, and the aforementioned pseuds, so why bother with their cat pictures and music videos using footage from Nazi filmmakers (oh there's another one...hmm).

Life is just way too short for all of their shit...

He's so retro
Tim Sideways
B7 c e f-- g++ k- q- r-- s++ t+ w

Remember that?

we built this city on memes and quizzes...(Meme pt 2 )
pub step
Oh dear sure I was Scotty or something many years ago...drat.

2nd and 3rd choices are about right, a mix of Deanna and Spock. Empathetic and a bit autistic, that's me!

Your results:
You are An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Deanna Troi
Jean-Luc Picard
Will Riker
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Scott
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Mr. Sulu
Beverly Crusher
Since your accomplishments are seldom noticed,
and you are rarely thought of, you are expendable.
That doesn't mean your job isn't important but if you
were in Star Trek you would be killed off in the first
episode you appeared in.

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Quiz

Festive cheer? Umm that really didn't help
Farnese hercules

Beautiful song, several friends posted it again this year...profits apparently again going to National Autistic Society, but as someone commented:

"I wish I could trust my family so implicitly like in this song. I had to run from a few members of my family, and this song is felt like an aching hole."

Same here. It's strange you can miss something you never really had, isn't it?

Fake Dynasty
Farnese hercules

Yup, it's all bubba drag, fake fake fake....despite what the 3 million and counting fans are spewing hate 'in support' all over social media. Depressing...and probably a publicity stunt. If it is, it's in very poor taste...A&E knew what they were getting, and right-wing are rallying support via this. I mean, Westboro Baptists have come out in support of Phil. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

So on one hand - program I don't watch, pop culture, dumb 'Muricans is dumb, who cares?

On the other, it seems to have given a LOT of people license to repeat a lot of assertions that my 'lifestyle' *cough* AINT no lifestyle mate, you can't choose it - is next to bestiality, incest, paedophila and the like. That's exactly what needs to be countered, those are the people who must be smashed (politically, before someone kvetches about violent imagery).

Sad thing? I thought him and few of the others were cute. Always sad when a nice long bearded fellow turns out to be a 'phobe - or more likely, a closet case...then again, they're a bunch of yuppies and faded ex-hippies pretending to be rednecks, so no real change there.

Kirk's card: 2013 edition & selfie prezzie
Tim Sideways

Love Kirk's card this year...some glitter, some cotton wool - voila different card! Not sure if he used sticky back plastic...

Also here's my present to myself this year, took my ages to get one, an original iGo Stowaway Bluetooth folding keyboard. These were meant for the original grandfather of the modern smartphone - the Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Symbian and Palm machines (remember those?) and is as old - I think they stopped making them mid 2000s?

Thing is, they kept their value as they are still better than anything out there...amazing really, since there's such a demand for decent keyboards for tablets and high end phones. Works fine, even did a little hackage to map the Windows key onto Google Menu button so I can do some shortcuts like Menu-B and bring up the browser. Works quite well with Android. I think a company licenses the folding mechanism for a USB keyboard, but strangely no-one has picked up and remade these?

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