Tim (fingertrouble) wrote,

Psychodelidisco mix

Psychodelidisco (Disco Psycheness) - Full 3 Hour Journey by Fingertrouble on Mixcloud

Yes still here, still lurking...but also been busy with this mix. It's a psychedelic disco mix, not sure that genre even exists so I invented it, it's a mix of 'deep' disco, space disco, electronica, library music, afrobeat, electro pop and synth pop and even some Bollywood space disco and other gems! It took me 9 months, hence why it's probably 3 hours! There are more easily digestible 1 hour chunks over at my Mixcloud.

You can find out more above or over at my blog: https://www.radioclash.com/archives/2016/01/04/psychodelidisco-disco-psycheness-3-hour-psychedelic-space-disco-mix/

Also posted the first of the remixes I did for it, I did quite a few 'remasters' on these old disco records, but some I did the whole remix/re-edit treatment. This one - a cover of Gloria by Midnight Stud - is the first posted up:


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