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What can I say?

I go to Glastonbury, and come back to find that not only is the country completely fucked, an added bonus is all the neo-Nazis and right-wing fascists who thought shooting Jo Cox was kinda fun have come out of the woodwork.

I'm really really sorry...I thought we were better than this? I voted Remain by postal vote well before the racist Nazi-baiting poster from Farage, well before the 350 million bus that apparently was complete lies (admitted the day AFTER the referendum) and it looks like the Union is no more.

And then complete showers like Hillary Benn, a man nothing like his father, decide to stick the knife in, and suddenly it becomes Jeremy Corbyn's fault in the media, conveniently ignoring Farage, BoJo, Gove, and all those c*nts. But of course, at the time when a united front could stick it to fascists and right-wingers who are all claiming to quite like brown and black people and get REALLY upset if you suggest they are racists or fascists but are strangely quiet about the 57% uptick in racist attacks and hate crime since Thursday. "If you have a racist friend, then our friendship has to end..." - silence is NOT an option. Same frigging people moan about moderate Muslims doing nothing and staying silent, so how does it feel the other way? These idiots are doing it in your name, the name of the 52% who a lot of them Bregretted it in the morning and googled AFTER the vote what the effect would be. Really? I'm stuck on a damp island with 17 million fucking idiots. HELP!

And they'll never learn - they never supported the people who were telling them how it was, they're crying now for the Socialist/AFA/Hard left Cavalry to come over the hill but sorry, you destroyed the grass roots by voting for twunts like Thatcher and Cameron, what do you expect? Consistently destroying and mocking the people who resisted the fascists in the 1970's, well eventually they retire, get bored, grow old, go do something they can make a difference with. It's a thankless task, and if you marginalise the left and continue what Thatcher did with the Miner's Strike, well then you can't expect them to be there to help you, can you? I say let it burn, and remember Rome. Fiddle, fiddle!

Fed up with this idea because socialists haven't had their empathy and good-nature surgically removed, that when the right-wingers inevitably screw it up with neglect or as in this case complete and utter stupidity, we are supposed to parachute down and fix it, so basically the Left are always fixing the Right's fuck ups - and then we're told that it's unworkable, "where's your utopia, your revolution"? And then shortly after: "I'd rather vote for my own wallet and screw other people"...and the cycle of dumb continues.

You don't deserve democracy if you can't bother to even Google BEFORE the election what it might mean. You don't deserve to be saved from your own stupidity when again and again the Good Side of Not Being A Dick and not shitting on your fellow man gets ignored for scare tactics, Project Fear, and hatred. You get the fascist government you deserve - sadly it will take the 43-odd million people with you, some like me who voted for sense and unity, and didn't think we were still an Empire, that sovereignty means shit in an age of geocorporates, it's not the 1940's despite the austerity cupcakes and Keep Calm And Ignore The Fascists signs. Next one telling me that I should 'Calm Down' and I should 'Group Hug' racists for the sake of 'unity' and propping up an awful Government will get a Keep Calm And Carry On branded 2x4 around the head. Repeatedly.

But don't you DARE blame the Left and us who warned you, who wanted to stop the poorest and weakest from being trampled, as they are now. If you voted to Leave, or didn't vote at all, you cause this, and you alone. Don't point the finger at others, it's not some reality show, you don't get to phone a friend, you don't get 50/50, you don't get another go. This is real life, people are being attacked, firebombed, insulted, killed, threatened, made to feel lesser for not being 'British' - and yes they've already made it clear that despite treaties to us queers after Orlando, that we are next. As I knew it would be - because I know, once they come after the Jews, the Muslims, the foreigners, they always come for us queers. You can wave your marriage certificates all you fucking want, it won't waft out the flames as you burn.

I'm predicting civil insurrection before the end of the year, or riots in modern media spin parlance, and a lot of angry people when they realise as Johnny Rotten said 'Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'. Already had protests cancelled because there's 'too many people' (?) and the people just flash-mobbed Parliament. It's all going V For Vendetta, and it will get worse. Far, far worse. I've been predicting this day since the fools let Nick Griffin on Question Time, and then Farage took his mantle. Never, ever give the fascists a platform, they will just (ab)use it to destroy democracy.

Only good fascist is a dead fascist, and I sadly think it might come to that, given they think murdering MPs is OK. Ones who were working on Tell Mama, a report on Islamophobia which reveals hate crimes have upped by 200% in the last few years...add another 57% to the pile. *sigh*

I'll leave you with Kathy's Song, which although a love song, it seems rather appropriate:

I hear the drizzle of the rain
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls.

And from the shelter of my mind
Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England where my heart lies.

And so you see I have come to doubt
All that I once held as true
I stand alone without beliefs
The only truth I know is you.

And as I watch the drops of rain
Weave their weary paths and die
I know that I am like the rain
There but for the grace of you go I.

And another rainy bonus from the same album:

Through the corridors of sleep
Past the shadows dark and deep
My mind dances and leaps in confusion.
I don't know what is real,
I can't touch what I feel
And I hide behind the shield of my illusion.

It's no matter if you're born
To play the King or pawn
For the line is thinly drawn 'tween joy and sorrow,
So my fantasy
Becomes reality,
And I must be what I must be and face tomorrow.

So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall.


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