Tim (fingertrouble) wrote,

I Like Big Butts

In other news, I have a big butt, it's full and it's leaking...I mean water butt. I've been gardening...yes me? In a garden? With my reputation? Apart from The Great Snail & Slug War - which is ongoing, already onto the copper tape and buying pot stands - it's going pretty well. Issues with neighbours, they want to approve everything, but we're working it out I think...might actually get refunded for my purchases!

The 200L water butt filled in a few days...scary. And all that rain was going down the gully into the non-drain. No wonder our poor phone in the wall next to that kept tripping out.

My seedlings are growing, I have parsley, thyme, rosemary and...well not sage, Cedric is a full plant. But definitely basil and oregano on the way. Not big on flowers, although we have Larry the genderqueer Lavender and his friends. They've survived the Snail Onslaught well...the poor little parsley seedlings, less so. Luckily I thinned a load into little pots before the massacre. The tradition is to use the slugs and snails as a sort of tennis practice into the road....doesn't kill them, they still have a chance of living in a rather one-sided version of Snail Frogger. A very small chance. Not me guv.

Planning a water/feature or pond, but it seems now to depend on 'approval' which could be a buzzkill...I think given the snails and pesties we have, and the fact we have birds running around the bush outside the window like a game of kisschase and 'bathing' on the dust, encouraging bird visitors and giving them something to bathe and drink in is important...part of the 'rewilding' of the garden, well as long as the wild are not snails...

Work is..well...not there at the moment but I have a few interviews. Gardens and DIY make good distractions to that. I had my 44th birthday last month and me and Kirk went to see Adam Buxton do Bug at the British Museum, then went clubbing at the The Glory, it was some sort of leathery bear night but Princess Julia brought the CHOONS! A lot of fun. I think we'll go back to The Glory.

Not much else to report...

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