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I hate gay men


Usually a phrase like that would be qualified with a but...but not any more. Increasingly I pull away from the gay scene due to a variety of factors, but the bellends from this weekend take the biscuit. It's why I identify as queer; and tend to hang out with straight or non-scene people, or those who probably don't identify as gay (queer, Men Who Have Sex With Men, bisexuals, heteroflexible, take your pick). Sadly in my experience the bad lot are not statistically small, the judgy shallow queens are everywhere, lurking.

Take for instance last night - me, Kirk and Gary went to Duckie, usually a good safe space. Great night, was having a good time until a group of queens decided to bully me - touching me, saying I smelled, many times over the night. I knew I didn't, I showered a few hours before I came out, the t-shirt was new and washed, but what was their problem? I told the guy who was saying it this, and he was a fucking cunt. I got so angry that we had to move to another part of the club before I bottled the guy. I had a bottle in my hand and thought about it...wrong I know. But I was so angry. Took me back to school and being bullied. I know now I should have raised it with Amy Lame or the Duckie crew, but at the time you're too angry and just want to try and forget it. I didn't. Rather than go home and stew I went to the sauna...which comes to point 2.

These queens look down on those who frequent saunas, cruising areas, marrieds and the like - even though I've found the blokes in these places (who as I said quite often don't identify as gay) are fairly genuine and nice people. I had to detox from that experience by going to a sauna. But this experience is not unusual - where there are gay men there is bullshit.

I then come home and reading Facebook find that a queen friend of a friend decided to post Star Wars spoilers, just to be difficult. Was told to take it down by many people, but was doing that childish pouting thing that many gay men do, stomping his little foot. Really, entitled babies again...so I'm seeing Star Wars tonight and that's been spoiled by another bitter attention-seeking queen.

I don't want anything to do with the gay scene anymore, it's just filled with too many toxic people. I know, wahmbulance and Tim's on another rant etc etc but there is a wider issue here...that queens like this don't give a shit about the rest of the LBTQ, they usually have very dodgy politics (immigration, Muslims is another one - which is interesting because one of the people I had a great long chat with was a Muslim bear at the sauna, he was lovely and I don't think he knows how much that meant to me, someone relatable and talking me down from that ledge.) and now gay marriage has happened there is a feeling of 'I'm alright Jack' with them, and also this odd bully mindset. As we know, oppression does not lead to enlightenment, but it does seem as gay men get more accepted, get good jobs, don't have to live in fear anymore the more they take it out on other people?

So no I won't qualify this with 'some are OK' because I think those who are OK are such a small set that it's not worth counting, 0.1% maybe. The rest are more concerned with looking good within their group, cliques, being bitchy, obsessing about silly things outside of the real world, gyms and shallow body fascism and not really caring what's happening outside of Kardashians, Drag Race and trashy TV. Srsly if these people are first up against the wall, I won't cry for them. I'd be too busy getting the fuck out of there, and trying to protect the people I do care about. And I do hope, when it goes all to shit and it will, babylon is around the corner - they are the first to get eaten by zombies or whatever. Because they haven't learned to survive, just learned to be narcissistic and bitchy.

It's a shame I like men, really. I don't regret that for a moment, that's like regretting you have blue eyes - but certainly I could leave the bullshit that sometimes entails.

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Answer for question 4569.

What culture (other than your own) do you find most interesting or intriguing? What draws you to this way of living? If you had the opportunity to move to a region where this culture was prevalent, would you do so? Why or why not?
Japan - I'm guessing that would be a popular answer, but I like the language, was learning it for a while, and the people have a British sense of decorum, politeness and self-effacing nature. I like the culture - not so much Manga although I love Studio Ghibli, but the sense of beauty, the old paintings, the hyperreality of Tokyo. Contradictions of modern and old, contrasts in public/private, even sometimes gender roles (well as we see them in the West). And they are pagan mostly, which is cool.

And yes I'd move there in a heartbeat.

And Ancient Greece - I noticed some people's entries travelled in time. I'd love those times and that culture...less happier with it if I was a woman (Ancient Greeks didn't treat women at all well), but I do feel the ancient world would fit me better than the current one? Graeco-Roman, or before, or Celt. Or Victorian times, but I fear that class would play a big part of whether I enjoyed that - in London, 1880's-90's.
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Answer for question 4570.

What question do you most dislike being asked? Why does it annoy you so much? On the flip side, what question do you most enjoy being asked and why?
Are you a Muslim? Not because it's wrong to be a Muslim, it's just the assumption that man with long beard = Muslim. Changed a little with the hipster beard thing, but for a long time it was assumed I had a long beard for religious reasons (Muslim, Jewish, etc) which annoyed. It's more the laziness that irritates - but it does give me a slightly different perspective when people treat me badly because of the way I look, and current events because I get lumped in so feel I should be anti-prejudice...it's also kind of a shorthand way of finding out if someone is a dick, saves time.

I quite enjoy being asked or commented on the beard though, that's nice. Or the tshirts I wear.

New mashup video - Novae Servae (Prodigy mix)

I don't usually talk politics here, I usually save that for FB/Twitter, but sometimes events overtake me and bleed into my work.

This video for a friend's mashup is a case in point, the theme of Kanye's New Slaves is already very critical about wage slavery and consumption, but I added a new element because while making it the vote for bombing Syria came in. Throw in what's happening in locked down Paris with COP21 (John invited himself to the last COP when we were in Durban, very different times and different security) and all that, and you have a strange mix of pop video and zeitgeist state of the nation....had a lot of fun with drone videos, projections and old cinema ads.

It also marks something of a step out of retirement for me - not completely, still not going to make my own mashups or videos for those. But for other people, if I like the tune, yes.

Kanye of the Stone Age by ToTom, who did this mashup is available to download: https://totom.bandcamp.com/album/kanye-of-the-stone-age - it's recommended, especially the bonus tracks like this one.
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Final mashups - Star Wars Double Feature

Forgot to post these over here - my last two mashups which both have a Star Wars theme (although started 5 and 10 years ago, so actually before the latest film was even planned!)

This was started in 2005 as part of the ill-fated Boot In 60 Seconds project, but never really worked, was a bit of a car-crash. It was semi-released as part of that mix, and other places, but this is the final version.

It combines Spoonful of Sugar from the Disney movie Mary Poppins (topical!) with John Williams Imperial March theme, as Orbital and 2 Bad Mice as the droids you aren’t looking for!

DJNoNo – Imperial Nanny (John Williams vs Julie Andrews)

Spin that glitterball death star! In time for the new film (although completely by accident, long before Lucas was a twinkle in Disney’s eye, these mashups were started 5-10 years ago) here are the first of two Star Wars mashups.

Star Wars Gurls is Meco’s Star Wars goes space disco via California Gurls with Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg.

I’ve always had a bad feeling about this, it’s been a real disturbance in the Force over the years and probably still is a bucket of bolts, due to strange minor bits in the Meco track. In the end I had to use the Melodyne trial to force the acapella into key…Use the Force Luke! Well we know mashups shouldn’t be forced, but I’ve always wanted to release this, so treat it as a bit of fun. Still will make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!

Download Star Wars Gurls (Meco vs Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog)

Appropriate to end on something complete silly…Would love to say doing these has rekindled my love of mashups…but no, although fun to see these finally see the light of day, it’s also reminded me what a faff it is.

So that’s me out – bye! Thanks all for listening over the years.

More info and alternate artwork over here: https://www.mutantpop.net/artists/
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Final Mashups - DJNoNo - Ballroom album

Planned 10 years ago, the Ballroom EP (now album) has been a long time coming...two of the tracks were released (here in a remastered or better quality form) but the rest laid in the Unfinished folder.

Mixing ballroom music - big band, jazz, bossa nova, exotica, swing, easy listening and classical pops - with hip hop and r n' b years before the term electroswing was invented, I'm surprised no-one has done an album concept like this in the last decade?

Dedicated to Mr Fab, Evolution Control Committee and all the Crumplebangers Crew.

Download DJNoNo Ballroom - zip file (73Mb) or Mediafire.

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Answer for question 4535.

The Star Wars movies -- do you love 'em or hate 'em? How excited are you for the new movie in December (if at all)? Will you be getting tickets for the 12:01 AM first showing, or are you "eh, whatever" about the whole thing? If you're looking forward to it, what or who are you most excited to see?
I'm fairly excited, tempered by what happened with Phantom Menace (still not seen it, my friends that do indeed see it first warned me off).

Looks like I will be seeing it with said friends...probably at the IMAX, but I'm not going to stress if I don't see it until after Xmas...
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FInal Mashups #2 - Impact Mode

Started 6 (!) years ago, this mashup of Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough vs Orbital - Impact (Live) has been featured on mixes, usually from the Parkade but never released - until now. I was never happy with any mashup it has to be told, despite what some people say - stuff that got released either was 'oh sod it - I'm so fed up with this, that'll do' or in some cases had been hanging around for years, and on the 3rd, 4th or 5th iteration.

This one is dedicated to the Parkade and all the DJs there.

Impact Mode (Orbital vs Depeche Mode)

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Final mashups...Dark Dreams & Lost At The Beach

I decided to stop doing mashups - for good this time, as in I took down all my old mashups and my own videos - back in August but felt sad for the tracks that almost made it, were nearly finished when I downed tools. So here are a few that I've tarted up for release - these are more downbeat but planning to finish the DJNoNo - Ballroom EP that was partly dropped at Crumplstock live mix I did last month

So here's Dark Dreams, which is Fleetwood Mac - Dreams vs a track from Dark Night Of The Soul, which is Sparklehorse vs Dangermouse and David Lynch. It might not last long on Soundcloud being FM, so here's a direct download.

And Lost At The Beach, which happened fiddling around with Lost In The Supermarket by The Clash (one of my favourite songs...ever!) and realising that it didn't work with Steely Dan but Beach House - Myth works just fine. Download here. Also on Soundcloud, but given SC has turned it's back on the mashup and bedroom remixers that made it's name, might not be there for long.


Filter bubbles and idiots

Always bemused by brittle people who blog contentious things, and if you dare criticise what they say (rather than them, but quite often they project *personal* offence) it’s like ‘Get the Fuck Off My Blog!’? Eh?

Uhoh filter bubble? It seems to be common in this age to avoid those who oppose us, or contradict us and get all stompy and throw the toys out. It's not good...for discourse or anything. But it usually shows up how immature they are.

Then again, it's not worth bothering with those people, so it's all meat for my ban list (ironic I know given what I just said, but some people take it to extremes. For instance there's a certain redbearded person here who I find and add to my blocklist on every social media site. It's just peace of mind, since he's a bit of a entitled narcissistic sociopath, like all these airbags tend to be. An echo chamber inside their own head and on their blog/presence. But it's odd - why say it if you expect everyone to agree with you? Narcisstic games, ego trips....I'd rather not).

Funny thing is they quite often pretend to be the bad boys, swaggering and sweary like they don’t care. but then run off whimpering when challenged. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk. And don't say contentious things, then expect *everyone* to agree with you, it's confirmation bias 101. Grow the fuck up.

I'm guessing this is why Twitter followers are called that, and how FB and LJ got it wrong with friends...it sadly seems many people want the former, not the latter.

Anyway LJ Drama is SO 2006...:-P