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Nothing distinguishes memories from ordinary moments...

Only later do they become memorable by the scars they leave.

Hi I'm Tim, a 40-something guy from London UK. Kind of ex-bear/gay scene from younger days, mostly you'll find me online creating podcasts such as Radio Clash http://www.radioclash.com, DJing or creating mashups under the names Instamatic and DJ NoNo http://www.mutantpop.net/artists/ and running the Mutantpop.net forum...sometimes I actually do some work as a commercial web/graphic designer of many years (no I don't do freebies! :-P).

I have a primary partner since 1997 called John, who's a daddybear in extremis. We're open / poly / honest but don't play together, and I'm versatile.

Socially I tend to go out to bootleg/mashup nights. occasionally pop down to the KA for my dose of being ignored, don't do the bear/gay scene as much as I used to (which wasn't much).

Also you can find me at Twitter: http://twitter.com/fingertrouble and on YouTube: http://uk.youtube.com/user/timbearcub